About Life at Low Country Kennels

Tuesday Hanna at Low Country Kennels early in the Morning. .jpg

Mornings start early around 5:30 a.m. with feedings and outdoor time. The structure of the days includes play and work, totally mixing in with family and lots of love.

Tuesday creates games for the dogs to play as well as taking them on hikes through their land at Low Country Kennels. George has creative toys, with remote control cars and trucks for them to chase, as well as the chase they give the four wheeler around the compound. 

At Low Country Kennels, George and Tuesday take pride at allowing their dogs to be dogs and part of their family first.  While breeding and showing are an amazing part of their love for the Terrier breeds, the most important element to them is the love of family and the dogs being apart of our family circle. 

When they do show their Terriers, they are working together and they honestly know the difference between work and play. The dogs learn to respect the boundaries that are in place at work, and they look forward to family time and playtime. When it is play time at the kennels, George and Tuesday turn it up with exploring walks and playing chase with a remote control car. The dogs all love it.  They also enjoy the horse that lives nearby and all the children that frequent the kennels. 

When George travels for work, there are always four dogs with him. They know when he leaves on an early Monday morning, the first four at the door spend the next four days with him.

For vacation and travel time, they selectively choose several of the Terriers to travel with them, included always in the fun family time.