Deep Beneath the Fur . . . What will Tuesday find?

Annie watches as Mama Tuesday grooms her first client.

Annie watches as Mama Tuesday grooms her first client.

Nothing like Double Duty, but as a Mom, Tuesday can handle twice the double duty if necessary.

Tuesday’s goal was a list of furry clients and Annie aka Aslaug of the Low Country aka the Texas Terror and her latest, The Hard Headed Bannie, was along for the ride. Tuesday’s deepest hope is to teach Annie patience and manners around other dogs and other situations out in public.

Meanwhile the present need was to find the dog underneath all the hair! Patience seems to be the main stay moving forward. Only 90 minutes later, the dog beneath the hair emerged happy, clean and ready for the day.

Low Country Kennels TCH Grooming Tuesday Hanna. jpg

Here are some basic hints from the USKBTC “A trained dog is a better citizen,” is the motto of my obedience club, Bayshore Companion Dog Club, and here are some words of advice to help you reach your goal in training your dog to be a “better citizen.”

Gerry Yeager
Gamgee Kerries Read more at the link above.

Happy Kerry, Happy Tuesday.

From the Road and the TCH Grooming Van.