The Story of How We Found Diamonds "in the Ruff".

Diamond as a Puppy.jpg

Hard to think back and remember it all. Six years ago! We were helping a KBT owner from Pennsylvania going through changes in her life, when we were first introduced to Shamu through trip to Montgomery. Tuesday saw him and it was love at first site. Shamu came home to Low Country. Tuesday finished his championship and his GrandChampionship. I get to show him still today in the Veterans group.

Shamu and Diamond share the same mother, but different litters.

It was at Montgomery 2012, that I saw Sergiy Vyazmin with a tiny ‘Diamond’ in his arms. I will never forget that moment. We brought back to Florida this tiny puppy all the way from Norway. Sergiy entrusted us with this precious tiny baby, and our hearts expanded watching this beautiful little puppy grow into a fine specimen of a female Kerry Blue Terrier. Her first nickname was Kerry Raptor. She loved to show her teeth when she played.

Kyle was in love and Shamu was too of his little sister, but he watched from the sidelines at the new baby in the family. She was a skinny little thing and little did we know she would grow into a beautiful multiple Best in Show Winner.

Diamond Kyle Oct 6 2012.jpg