Low Country's Spirit in the Sky

(Diamond and Bobby LItter)

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How to be a Champion in less than six months.

What a Good Day for Mr Stud Muffin aka “Gabe” aka CH Low Country’s Sprit in the Sky . This one year old puppy finished his Championship from BBE class with two singles a 3pt Major, a 4pt major & two 5pt majors. Today Mr Stud Muffin beat the 4 Specials in the ring to prove he was #1 for this day in Florida - He is handled by Tuesday Hanna Owned by Conni Adams & Tuesday Hanna and Breed by George Hanna & Tuesday Hanna the First of the Bobby / Diamond Litter to finish a Championship. Thanks to Judge Mr Terry Stacy and France Godbout owner of “Gabe’s” Sire

The Discovery of our little Gabe:

“I first met “Blue Boy” when he was only two weeks old and had just opened his eyes.  Trying hard to move around on the blanket amidst his litter mates, he immediately calmed and cuddled when I held him.  Steve didn’t meet him at that time as he was not so sure that a puppy was a good idea as we looked toward retirement. 

When Gabe was about five weeks old we had a chance to visit again.  He again was busy roughhousing with the other puppies, chasing shoes and crawling over the toys.  He snuggled as soon as I picked him up, content to be held and petted.  Steve held him this time, starting to realize the inevitable – we were getting a puppy!

I was worried that Kerry JoZee and Airedale Sunny would overwhelm him when we brought him home, but as soon as he was introduced, he was ready to rumble.  He loves his girls now and wrestles and runs with them whenever he can coax them to play.  I work from home and sometimes must shoo them all out when I’m on the phone with a client.  They can make a lot of noise.  He is absolutely devoted to Steve, checking all the windows and doors whenever Steve leaves and as soon as he hears the car back in the driveway.  He’s always ready to run and play yet he can also be a quiet companion at my feet.  He wants nothing more than to be with his people and is a happy sweet boy.

Co-owning Gabe with Tuesday is great.  He gets professional grooming and handling and we get to watch!  He is currently at Low Country’s headquarters for a couple of weeks training – grass to him was a place to play, not show.  He nearly pulled Tuesday’s arm out of its socket as he was being shown although I couldn’t tell – I thought he was gaiting well!  He loves George and Tuesday too.  He did well at KerryFest, the Kerry Blue Terrier Club of Lower Michigan’s Unspecialty and the Kerry Blue Terrier Club of Ohio’s Specialty and Sweepstakes.  It’s been great to meet sisters Molly and Sparkles in Ohio and we hope to meet Annie in October.   We are looking forward to Montgomery County and more as he grows up.”   Conni with Terri Lane Terriers

Gabe 5 pt major win Atlanta
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