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Dogs at work and play.

Standard Poodles, Kerry Blue Terriers,  Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers, Lakeland Terriers and Brussels Griffons

Here at Low Country Kennels, we take pride at allowing our dogs to be dogs and part of our family first.  While breeding and showing are an amazing part of our love for the Terrier breeds, the most important element to us is the love of family and the dogs being apart of our family circle. 

When we do show our Terriers, we are working together and they honestly know the difference between work and play. They respect the boundaries that are in place at work, and they look forward to family time and playtime. When it is play time here at the kennels, George and Tuesday turn it up with exploring walks and playing chase with a remote control car. The dogs all love it.  They enjoy the horse that lives nearby and all the children that frequent the kennels. 

When George travels for work, there are always four dogs with him. They know when he leaves on an early Monday morning, the first four at the door spend the next four days on the road with George.

When the family plans vacations and travel time, they selectively choose several of the Terriers to travel with them, included always in the fun family time.  



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2017 Best in Opposite Sex Westminster Kennel

It was a Cinderella story, but in this version both Cinderella (Tuesday Hanna) and her dog, Diamond, were invited to Westminster Dog Show in New York City, New York.  The Hanna Team pulled it all together for their first appearance in the show "by invitation only. "  Tuesday Hanna never blinked a moment in hesitation as she pulled together travel plans for her and Diamond; George was able to fly up just in time for the actual show.   Diamond, with Team Hanna, took home Best in Opposite Sex. 

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Low Country Fun!  

There is one thing George and Tuesday Hanna understand - it is family time and playtime.


From the shores of Georgia, the state of Florida and across the United States north and west, Team Hanna makes sure fun and family are built into each dog show trip.   

They plan their vacations with their furry kids as well as their youngest son, Kyle. Those Dog Shows have work involved, but George and Tuesday weave in days of relaxation on the go.   

Kyle shows regularly as a junior handler and has many wins with his trips around the rings. 

George is often seen in the ring with his 'Senior' dogs, and sometimes sharing double duty with Tuesday and all the Terriers. 

Tuesday is the main groomer for all the pups and she handles in the ring as a well known professional, respected for her love and her commitment to the Terrier breeds.

No one is ever left out. Leave to George and Tuesday to make life both full and fun!


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George and Tuesday Hanna

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Life at Low Country