T.C.H. Grooming is a professional mobile dog grooming company serving the Savannah area.   We are dedicated to pampering your pet with affection and grooming your fur family using all natural products that are safe for them and the environment! 

Serving Chatham County, Savannah, Georgia.

We are committed to you:

  • Kind We provide a kind, loving, and safe sanctuary for grooming just outside your home

  • Natural We choose all natural products to gently pamper your pet

  • Stress Free Reduce pet anxiety by avoiding the car, minimizing grooming time, and staying close to home

  • Professional Services are provided by groomers certified both in grooming and canine first aid

  • Clean State of the art grooming vehicle is sanitized before each household

  • Stylish Each pet is professionally finished with a classy, fun, and/or beautiful flair

  • Consistent You see the same face and same grooming results each visit

Call for appointment: 912-713-4800

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What we offer:

  • Beyond Basic Baths Includes nail trim, paw cleaning and trim, sanitary trim, warm bath with all natural shampoo, blueberry facial, fluff dry and finish with conditioning body mist and stylish bows, a bow-tie or bandana

  • The Cutest Cuts Includes the above with a trim tailored to your preferred style whether they be breed specific trims, teddy bear faces, summer cuts, etc.

  • Polished Pedicures As additional service we can paint your posh pups nails in the latest colors.

  • De-Shedding Treatments Includes a premium all natural shampoo and conditioning treatment, paired with specialized brushing tools that together reduce shedding more than 80%

  • Coat Conditioning Enhance the appearance and texture of your furry family's coat, as well as provide an additional moisture barrier for their skin with the addition of conditioner during their bath. An all natural cream is also used to soften those noses and paws.

  • Amazing Additions Brush their teeth, file their nails, deep condition dry belly's, apply 2-color nail treatments (please request in advance), express glands.

Kitty gets a Trim~

Before Photo of Doc

Low Country Kennels  -  Grooming before and after.jpg

After Photo of Doc